Solo Kayak/Stand-up boards for 2 hours $25.00
Tandem Kayak for 2 hours $50.00
Longer Adventures Available!

Our rentals are un-guided adventures.  That simply means that you can go anywhere within Wells Harbor and the estuary that you would like to explore. You go at your own pace.  The only off limit area is between the Jettys or beyond into the open ocean.  No worries, we are going to explain everything when you get here!  We will help fit you for a lifevest and give you some instruction!  We won't leave you "up a creek with no paddle", lol.

If you haven't visited us before, or perhaps even if you have, we suggest one of the following "paddle" adventures:

"The Destination Paddle Adventure" Where you can go into the main part of the Webhannet River to the right of our launch area. This will take you toward the Mile Road Bridge (your "destination" point) , and Billy's Chowder House. It takes about 45 minutes to reach the bridge and beyond that is an estuary you can explore.  People that like to reach a certain point or goal usually prefer this paddle adventure.  It is really straight forward and beautiful.  It also passes by the small beach that is located behind the boatyard, where you can stop and take a swim or have a picnic.  Plan on about 2 hours to explore.

"The Marsh and Estuary Paddle Adventure" This one is my personal favorite.  Where you can go around the town dock to the left of our launch area and into the Wells Harbor. As you continue in that direction there are two main estuary "brooks." The first "Lower Landing" wraps around Lord's Lobster Restaurant and carries you into the estuary along the Harbor Road. The second entrance "Upper Landing" is located toward Drakes Island and carries you through a winding path through the estuary with a nice view of a private wooden cabin at the end. It makes a nice photograph.  Plan on about 2 hours to explore.

Click below for some helpful information:

Topographic Map of Wells Harbor

A relaxing perspective of kayaking

Kayaking with Jake age 6