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Webhannet River Kayak Rentals - Frequently Asked Questions (and answers)

Q. What is provided with the rental price?
A. We provide a life vest, the paddle and the boat with the rental.

We have life vests to accommodate a wide range of sizes. Children's vests are sized by weight from toddler (20-50 lbs) to youth (50-90lbs). Adult vests are all rated over 90 lbs and are sized small, medium, large, extra, 2x and 3x large. All vests zip and have a pocket for money, or cell phone (not waterproof).

Q. What should I bring?
A. The following items are suggested but not required
A drink- We have a Pepsi machine with 24 hours access. Soda/Gatorade $1.75 and Water $1.50; the machine accepts both dollar bills and change.
Bug spray- available for sale in our tackle shop
Sunglasses or a hat with brim
Sweatshirt or windbreaker
Waterproof shoes

Q. Is there anywhere we can't go?
A. Yes. You are not permitted to go through the breakwater or jetties and into the ocean. Our kayaks are not designed for ocean surf kayaking. Additionally, this is a navigational channel and the path needs to be kept free for traffic.

Q. Do I need to have previous experience in a kayak?
A. Although it is not necessary it is helpful if you have been in a canoe or kayak previously. Most important is how you feel about water. If you are comfortable so are we.

Q. Is there an age requirement?
A. Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied and supervised by an adult. The parent may choose whether they think their child is capable of taking their own boat or being in a tandem. We are happy to offer advice on the subject when you arrive.

Q. Is it hard?
A. It takes a moderate level of physical strength to move the boats through the water. Your upper arms and back do most of the work, and you need to have a good sense of balance.

Q. Will I get wet?
A. Yes. You will most likely get wet from the elbow to your hands, when water drips from the paddles, and from your knees to your feet when getting into and out of the boat. Otherwise you will remain relatively dry.

Q. Will I get stuck in them and are they tipsy?
A. Our single kayaks are Old Town Vapor sit inside and Old Town Twister sit on top Kayaks.  Our Tandems are Ocean Kayak Malibou II XL models.

They have a wide open seat inside the kayak. You are not attached in any way to the boat. Most likely if it did tip over you would fall out and the boat would still be upright. I have found that the tipsiness depends on the comfort level of the person in the boat. If you are secure with water and swimming, you will find the boat to be stable. If you are not, you will feel the boat is tipsy.