Fishing Report

MAY 10TH 2018


Just a quick note to update you all.  I had some trouble with my website last year and was not always able to log in to update this report.  I believe we have this issue resolved and I pledge to you, I will do my best to update this site at lease once bi-weekly this season. 

Now for the info you are all waiting for...No stripers yet, but I have seen bait in the rivers and that is a good sign.  Just yesterday, we saw a commerant with a small alewife in his beak at our home on the Saco River.  If the table is set, the stripers will come to dinner :)  We just have to be patient.  The latest reports place the stripers around the Cape and just north of Boston.  I'm thinking we have a couple of weeks, as our water temps begin to rise.  A good target temp is 50-55 degrees.

For those of you that just can't wait any longer...I know there are sometimes hold overs in the Mousam River, Saco River by the Dam, and Portsmouth Harbor.  All of those places have warm water discharged into them all through winter by water treatment facilities.  So if there is going to be early action, its likely to be there.  Soft baits like clam or seaworms will work the best.  Small soft plastics with bucktails, using a slow varied retrieve, make it an easy dinner, they are in pretty cold water.  

Offshore fishing has been fantastic this spring.  Haddock, Polluck, and Redfish in abundance at Jeffreys.  It takes a hardy seaman to brave the spring seas, but so far it looks like the yield is worth the effort.  Jigging with pink and bright green teasers, and setting clam bait on the bottom have been sucessful in the last couple of weeks.

Remember, when your lilacs bloom, the Mackerel show up in abundance.  It's coming, and after this cold dreary spring, I for one am looking forward to some Summer weather!

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