Fishing Report

June 27th, 2019

sea surface temp is 52 degrees (still hovering here!) normal temp average is 60 for late June

Bruce caught this gem on Saturday morning at the Jetty in Wells on a clam.  Looks pretty happy doesn't he?  Thanks for the pic Nick.

Over the last few days many larger Stripers (35” plus) caught from shore, late night, bottom tide at mouth of the river (didn’t say which one) on SP Minnow, shallow diving, black/purple!  I saw pics from Richard @ Bitter End in Wells, he sneaks out to fish late nights when he isn't preparing fantastic fare in the resturant.  A few of the fish stripped the hooks right off the lures!  We fixed him right up with 3x strong mustad trebles and heavier split rings. 

The morning tides have been high early and falling through noon, so Marginal Way was good fishing this week, and Kennebunk River and Colony beach were full of activiry.  Daylight hours yielded many 20-26” fish in the harbor at Wells, along Drakes Island Beach, and the mouth of Little River.   Sandworms, and mackerel are taking more fish then clams, but as you see above, they take Clams too.  Some top water action with Spooks & Jumpin' minnows in bone and black back.  

Pogies were outside the Jettys for several days.  Mackerel is spotty, small harbor pollack are around, and sand eels.

Some large Shad have been caught over the last week upriver in Wells, but you will also see them in Mousam and Saco Rivers.  Can be fun to catch on light tackle.

Flounder reports from a few customers this week, using sand worms on the bottom at Ogunquit River, and York River. 

Early this week a trip to Jeffreys showed Haddock fishing remains strong, they used clam bait and Jigs.  Many Cod caught (still can't keep them) alot of shrimp in the waters.  


Enjoy the weekend!

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