Fishing Report

July 14, 2021

Water temp 63 degrees

The weather certainly feels more like June than July this month.  The waters continue to flucutate, but have now breached 60 degrees and are staying above.  The striper action remains similar to June fishing as well.  Many schoolies in the rivers and larger fish in the surf.  There is alot of bait in the water.  Sand eels, some macks, pogies to name a few.  We have alot of harbor polluck in close to shore too.  Some of the bigger stripers have been caught on them in the deeper waters.  

The rain can cause silt and cloudy waters in the bigger rivers.  A nice trick is to change your lures over to yellow, chartreuse or white.  Shaker shad in 4.5 still catching fish, but its ok to size up now to a slugo 7.5 or 9", there are lots of brown eels in the waters and if you want to catch bigger fish, use a larger softbait.  

Top water action in the early morning or evenings when the winds die down have landed some 25" stripers in the Harbor up by Mile Road.  Jeff and his son in their small boat got several last week while fending off the biting flies!

Striper action has been pretty steady on the beaches.  Surf casters landed some nice fish over the last week.  The first a 46" in Wells on a clam in the early morning surf, and last Friday during the rain, a 44" on a black slugo in the Ogunquit River come to mind.  

Mackerel have returned to shoreline.  The last couple of days the take was good by Bibb, and in front of Moody. Tim caught a nice one on live mack on Saturday.  It was a busy day, Nick's charters caught three over 35 inches in the afternoon on live macks as well.  The charter's have been active outside Wells, Kennebunk and Moody.

Kennebunk has reported pogies at the river mouth and along the beaches.

Trolling a tube and worm have been productive in Wells harbor.  Over the weekend we had quite a bit of action on Saturday.  Many fish from 20-26" caught from kayaks and small craft inside the harbor.

Sea run browns are still being caught by default on a variety of baits.  I had one about 22 inches caught on a sandworm from the bottom.  Heard about one caught on a slugo, and Seagar caught two on live mackerel last week while livelining for Stripers.

Flounder are still active in Perkins Cove, York River and Mousam Rivers.  Clam on the bottom most productive.  If you can see them, use a bucktail tipped with a teaser, they can't resist.

Offshore reports are spotty, the seas have not been calm.  Those that have gone, are catching haddock, some Polluck and many catch and release cod.  Hot pink and bright green flys still seem to be the best color.  Clam on the bottom does catch haddock, but it often attracts dog fish as well...  Most of the ground fishing action has been in 200 feet of water or deeper and most certainly more productive at Jeffreys than in closer.

I did hear of a black seabass caught outside of Portsmouth Harbor.  This is the north end of their usual territory, but we are seeing different species as our waters continue to warm.  Good table fare.

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Now Open 7 days a week, Summer hours through Labor day!  Sunday-Wednesday 8am-4pm.  Thurs, Friday, & Saturday 7:30am-5:00pm.  Most evenings I am here a bit later, Most mornings Matt is here a bit earlier.  

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