Fishing Report

September 13, 2019

sea surface temp is 62 degrees

The September seas are a bit rough, but the surf is still where the action is for Stripers.  This week, chunk mackerel was the bait of choice.  Mackerel is still abundant inshore and stripers are still around.  Drakes Island Jetty, at the top of the tide yielded fish ranging from 20-35 inches this week.  I haven't seen any signs that a big feeding frenzy has begun, so it's likely the fall run will start a bit late this year.  The seasons have been behind by about 2 weeks.  That said, it could begin any time now!

Top water and lure action heated up at Nubble around the top of the tide too.  Tandem rigged white slugo, Cordell Mackerel popper, and SP minnow floating shallow divers caught several fish.  Again the range being 20-38". 

Trolling tubes in the Saco river Sunday, we caught a few fish having the most luck closer to the mouth.  Upriver, They were feeding on a small silver baitfish, flashes of white rolling in the calm water, it was a beautiful site, but they didn't want our worm.  I think a sweedish pimple, small kastmaster or deadly dick would have worked but I was unprepared.  Keep some on hand for next time though.

Exciting news!  Cod will be open on Sunday, September 15th, you can retain 1 fish.  If you can only keep one, make it count!  Like this beauty caught by Scott on a trip offshore:

Enjoy the weekend!

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