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The Wildlife in Wells Harbor abounds!  We have been lucky to have captured some of it below.  Early morning and evenings are usually the best time, but you never can tell!  The estuary is a haven for wildlife!  In spring the swallows are busy collecting scraps of tarps, fishing line and grasses to build fine nests as you can see below.  The twin otters in this picture visited a few years ago, they were right outside our store underneath where we keep the paddles! 

The dolphins you see below were photographed by Chris & Kate Wessels, friend of ours that frequently go boating from Wells.  They were up close and personal with these gorgeous creatures, photographed in Maine waters:

Seals are often seen inside the Harbor.  Our kayakers have seen them sunning on the beach just inside Drakes Island many times.  Sometimes they beach right at the kayak landing as we happened to catch one early morning!  Sometimes they sleep in the dingys tied up while the charter fisherman are away!

Below you can see an amazing baby cod fish, compliments of Kate Wessels.  As well as a young Bluefish caught by Gus Crocker. 

We have many types of birds.  For a couple of years now there has been a resident Bald Eagle.  Scott captured him on a tree last winter.  The picture on the right is of a Great Blue Herron, a frequent sighting throughout summer and fall in the estuary.

If you have captured the wild beauty of Wells and would like to share, please email your photos to me and i would be happy to post them!

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