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We hope you will enjoy the activity pages we have created below.  Kendra created the puzzles in a book called Harbor Discovery when she was just 12 years old!  Jake loves boating, fishing, and swimming! 

During your visit, stop into the Bait shop and check out the eels! We love showing you and you'll love the faces your kids make when they see them squiggling around in the tank!  It's sure to bring a squeal, a giggle and a lot of fun!

While you're there, give Gypsey a little love or throw the ball for her! If you have your best friend with you, bring them along to meet us!  We love dogs!

Don't forget to bring your kites!  There is ALWAYS a summer breeze here at the harbor with plenty of space to fly your kite!  We have a shark, a dolphin and a really cool pirate ship that we love to fly at the harbor! 

Over at the park, just behind the boatyard is a pavillion and playground.  Plan a nice picnic, there are plenty of shaded tables. 

Below are "clickable" links to some cool activities you can do at home, or print them off and bring them to Wells Harbor: 

Wells Harbor Word Search

Jake's ABC Lobster Book

Birds of Wells Harbor Matchup

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