2019 storage contract (part 1)

2019 Policies, Procedures & The Environment (part 2 of contract)

Environmental Announcement

Hi All,

I see many of you in the yard throughout the year, but not everyone. I'd like to request your email address so that I can instantly inform you of any regulation or policy changes. I promise the information is kept private and will only be used to keep you updated. Please email me at wrby@maine.rr.com.

In 2013 a major regulatory change affected all boats that are bottom painted. Our bottom washing procedure complies with The Maine Department of Environmental Protection Agency. We collect all bottom washing waste water and dispose of it properly. In short, all bottom washing services are provided from Sept 1, through December 1 annually, while our drive over berm is set up. Pressure washing will only be permitted over the collection berm! During this bottom washing season the wash water is tested periodically, and discharged with permission into the sewer. 

In review of the permit, which is mostly concerned with the copper found in waste water, we have adopted a Low Copper or Copper free Bottom Paint policy.  In our retail store you can purchase Petit Hydrocoat which provides traditional coverage in a water based semi ablative paint. 

We encourage you to research alternative paint options, as both Epaint and Interlux have alternative options to copper bottom paint, and I anticipate many others to develop soon.

Our hope is that, as we transition to a low copper yard, the waste water generated will be as "green" as possible! We ask, that when your boat is ready for a new application of paint, that you purchase a low copper-or copper free bottom paint. I have done pretty extensive research and am happy to answer any questions, or to help inform you of the acceptable choices. Please know that we aren't asking you to paint when your boat doesn't require it, just that the next application be in compliance.

I have revised the storage contract, and attached a copy of our combined policies, procedures & the environment sheet. This reflects the most recent changes, I ask you all to read through it, then complete and return page one only, as soon as possible.

Our rules, policies & procedures help protect the environment! A clean environment ensures a future to the boating industry, nourishes a healthy fishing industry and it provides our children an opportunity to enjoy the coastal waters that we are all so fond of. Thank you for supporting our efforts.

Best Regards,

Webhannet River Boat Yard, Inc.

Captain Scott Worthing

Brandy Lee McCurry

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