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Fishing Report

August 8, 2018




So the bite is slow…you probably don’t want to hear that lol. Each evening we toss a bait out afterwork around 6-7 to see whats out there, and though we have caught a few fish this week from our seawall on clam, the biggest was 24” on a chunk of fresh mackerel.  

The charter guys are working hard to catch stripers and say there are fish around, some bigger ones too, but you have to target them early morning.  Macks are extinct after sunrise lol.  A few times this past week Mackerel have made an appearance, but the polluck and pogies are abundant.  I know we are all used to Mackerel, but if pollock and pogies are around by all means, the stripers are eating them, try using them live or chunking them fresh and floating them into the schools.  Look for pockets, drop offs, deeper waters where the temps are cooler or there are shadows and toss your bait in.  Sometimes a less is more approach will help, strip it down to bait and a hook.

The water temps have risen substantially in the last few days. The Saco river at Cocktail Cove last evening was 76.8 degrees!  With hot temps inland those bigger rivers have warm water flush and the bait will stay outside.  I think in the rivers, the incoming tides, or fishing at dark will yield you better results.

Smaller rivers like the Ogunquit and Wells Harbor though shallow, are mostly tidal waters, less of a fresh water supply,  the incoming tide is providing freshly supplied cooler water from the ocean.  One customer did have a nice 33” taken in the surf of Ogunquit beach yesterday on the incoming tide, 2 hrs after low, mid-afternoon on a fresh chunk of clam.   Many witnessed lots of top water action this morning on the inside of drakes island, but hard to catch the stripers as they were feasting on pogies!

It's August, get out at night and surf cast, this will be your best shot at bigger stripers.  Use live bait, or fresh caught bait if possible.  The tides are high at sunset, Cape Porpoise, Kennebunk Jetty, Drakes Island Jetty, Wells beach along the firewall, are all great places to try in the surf on the high tides. 

Offshore  haddock at Jeffreys remains solid, some polluck and cusk mixed in.  Tons of cod…we all know that story, catch and release only.  The haddock are taking most bright colored flys, we have some two toned options in the store that have been working well, pink and chartreuse, purple and pink, green and white.  

Keep the faith, its hot during the day, this is a perfect time and a great excuse to camp out on the beach at night and see what you can reel in!

Tight Lines,

Brandy lee

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