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Fishing Report

August 2, 2019

sea surface temp is 68 degrees

We are entering the typical mid summer stretch with Striper fishing.  There is alot of bunker (pogies) around, squid is plentiful, and sand eels too.  With this much to chose from, stripers don't always need our offerings.  I have had reports of better fishing along the surf than in the rivers.  The water temps are warmer up river, especially on a falling tide, so the bait tends to stay out front, hence more stripers there too.  Mackerel is spotty at best, but they are the perfect size for livelining when you find them.  Use a snag hook to land the pogies, then send them out with a circle hook to live line.

Striper activity has been solid at night, and early mornings.  Most stripers caught from shore have been ranging from 22-26" and are healthy fat fish, a fun catch for release.  The larger high 30 and low 40" fish have been taken on live pogies, or mackerel, mostly from boaters, hugging the shoreline, just beyond where you can cast from the beach.  This week Moody and Marginal Way were pretty consistent.  As well as Kennebunk beach and Jettys.

Lures to try at night are the classic black or eel skin slugo, size 7 1/2- 9".  Black yozuri long casts, a floating shallow diver with a rattle, dives just below the surface and works well inside the schools of pogies.  The Yozuri hydro popper and magnum poppers work well too at dusk or dawn in calm waters.

This time of year, its fantastic weather at night, spend one of yours fishing from the shoreline or in the harbor.  I have had a lucky few that have caught fish mid-day, but far more sucess happens at low light.

Offshore reports of Haddock remain solid.  If you go, target at least 160 feet of water, use a jig and cod fly instead of the bait to avoid dogfish, because they are pretty brutal out there if you attract them with bait.  Most trips the haddock is limited early on, some polluck and cusk around too.  Cod is plentiful but we need to wait until September to keep them.

Enjoy the weekend!

Tight Lines,


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